Who We Are

One of the nation’s leading providers of interface development. We get your hospital data where you need when you need it.


Founded in 1993 by Gary Burgess, Healthcare Integrated Systems opened its doors with a single consultant. Within a year the company expanded to multiple consultants deployed to meet the interface development needs of hospitals across the country.

Because of our strong focus in healthcare, we are results oriented experts in the business of making hospital ancillary and external systems “talk” to one another.

Our team was literally among the first to help hospitals and other healthcare facilities transition into the integration age of data exchange. This not only makes us pioneers in the industry, but some of the leading experts in innovative integration solutions. In fact, we have worked with some of the most prominent medical facilities in the country. This makes us one of the nation’s leading experts in the field of interface engines.

Today, after more than twenty-five years of providing excellence in the healthcare industry, we have adjusted and evolved with the times to create interoperable healthcare infrastructures. We remain just as committed to superior customer service as the day we started. We make a point to be accessible to all our customers.

Your healthcare organization can count on us for our primary focus ― interface development. We specialize in the leading integration engines and EMR systems. We specialize in:

    • EMR Systems Integration
    • Interface Development
    • HL7 Messaging
    • Data Conversions
    • Software Development
    • Staff Augmentation

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“HIS is very Timely, very Flexible, and very Professional!”

Doug Davenport, CFO
Desert Springs Hospital
Las Vegas, Nevada

Doug Davenport

“We’ve increased productivity and improved data integrity since using HIS.  I highly recommend them.”

Tom Davis, Executive Director
Valley Hospital
Palmer, Alaska

Tom Davis

“I am most pleased with HIS’ fast and professional responsiveness to our interface solutions.  Also, they stand behind their interface projects 100%.”

Richard Prati, CFO
Macon Northside Hospital and
Middle Georgia Hospital
Macon, Georgia

Richard Prati, CFO

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