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The Leading Provider In Customized Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Integrated Systems (HIS) is a leading provider of customized solutions for healthcare organizations. With a focus on systems integration, data conversions, software development, and staff augmentation, HIS helps healthcare providers get medical information and clinical data where it needs to go efficiently to improve patient care.

We understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations and provide tailored solutions that address their specific needs. With a commitment to compliance and security, HIS ensures that everything we do is fully compliant with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA. We are dedicated to transforming healthcare with innovative and effective solutions.

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System Integration

One of the key challenges in healthcare is integrating various systems and applications used by healthcare providers. We provide system integration that helps healthcare organizations get information wherever it’s needed for patient care. We can integrate electronic health records (EHR), patient management systems, billing systems, and other critical systems used by healthcare providers. With our solutions, healthcare organizations can ensure that patient data is secure and accessible to authorized personnel, and that the systems used by healthcare providers are fully integrated and interoperable.

Data Conversions

In healthcare, data is crucial for effective patient care. Our team provides data conversions that help healthcare organizations migrate their data from legacy systems to modern platforms. We can convert data from various sources such as paper records, legacy databases, spreadsheets, and other formats into a format that is compatible with modern systems. Our solutions ensure that data is accurately transferred without any loss or corruption and that it is available for analysis and reporting.

Software Development

HIS provides software development that help healthcare organizations get the information that is critical to their operations. We can develop custom software for your ancillary needs. We ensure that the software we develop is reliable, scalable, and secure. Our software development platform include:

  • Microsoft. NET Solutions (Web & Windows Development)
  • SQL Server & Oracle Database Implementations
  • ASP.NET, AJAX, C#, C++, Java, XML
  • SQL Server Reporting Services

Why Choose Healthcare Integrated Systems?

Healthcare organizations face unique challenges in managing patient care and running their operations efficiently. Healthcare Integrated Systems (HIS) provides customized solutions to address these challenges and improve healthcare outcomes.
Here are some reasons why healthcare organizations choose us:


HIS has extensive experience in the healthcare industry and has worked with numerous healthcare providers to develop customized solutions. Our team understands the complexities of healthcare operations and regulations and can develop solutions that are fully compliant with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA.

Tailored Solutions

HIS provides tailored solutions that are specific to the needs of each healthcare organization. We work closely with healthcare providers to understand their unique challenges and goals and develop integrations that address those needs. Our solutions are scalable and adaptable, so they can grow and evolve with the organization.

Improved Efficiency

HIS solutions can help healthcare organizations get the information they need when they need it to improve patient care. By integrating systems, converting data, and developing custom applications and software, our solutions can help healthcare organizations work more efficiently and effectively.

Compliance and Security

Everything we do is designed with compliance and security in mind. We ensure that all solutions we provide are fully compliant with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and that patient data is secure and protected.

Support and Maintenance

HIS provides ongoing support and maintenance for everything we develop. We understand that healthcare organizations need reliable and efficient solutions to deliver high-quality patient care. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that our integrations are always up-to-date, secure, and functioning optimally.

Healthcare Integrated Systems is a trusted partner for healthcare organizations seeking to improve their operations and deliver high-quality patient care. Give us a call today.

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